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28 September 2021

Yes, you’ll see below that these webinars are scheduled for January 2022 – but – this is something worth sharing with you now and you might even like to share this with your own friends.

Puppyworks.com in New Paltz, NY is among the best in their presentation of educational events and seminars for dog training professionals and seriously interested pet peeps, like ourselves.

Questa’s home! He’s on the left, with his dad on the right. Questa is a Yogi son. September 2021.

Our breed of Tibetan Terriers does not respond well to punitive training methods. Tibetan Terriers are sensitive, intuitive, precocious and smart.  Very much like a six year old child, you can manage them well with distraction and invite them to learn new boundaries with positive training.  They like nothing better than to please and amuse their humans and I believe this trio of webinars will be of interest to more than just a few of you.

The epitome of joy!
Leo and Molly, 25 March 2020.

Note that there is a group pricing discount, if there are four or more of you to watch sessions together.  What a great idea for a play date sans doggies!

While I’m totally unclear on how this is going to format in an email – the draft looks good and so, here goes!

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