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It goes without saying . . .



1 January 2021

Much older now and still helping me handle & socialize every Kensington puppy.

There is always hope in new beginnings.  Over time, I think we each become a little less dramatic with our New Year’s resolutions.  I, for one, don’t even have any today.  For me, the good that has come out of the last year involves new people and animals in my life – and the gift of free time; LOTS OF FREE TIME.  Most days, I immerse myself in the freedom & privilege of unscheduled time but some days, Covid has gotten the best of my mindset and sent me into the almost monthly downward spiral.  I have my safety net, as they have me – and when we start spinning down – we reach out to one another, whether near or far.  The ‘near and far thing’ doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore, either.

At the 2015 TTCA National with Claire, watching Gerry Gross handle Dug, I think. You know who else was there? The French mademoiselle . . . who lives in FL now.

So, my first lesson from 2020 is that I am part of my community.  I need them and they’ve made it clear that they need me.  In fact, we want to be connected!  What an uplifting clarification and note to self that I am not a lone wolf, as previously suspected.  ;>)  HA!  and au contraire!  I need & want my peeps and together, we will navigate the uncharted territory ahead.

Andy, Julius and WB. 23 August 2020.

Meanwhile, and back at Maple Street – we landed puppies out of Guinness x Piper on 27 December 2020.  All of the 2020 puppies we’ve welcomed into the world and the arrival of Enchanter Kristof  Erbosedition aka Julius were definite high points.  Thank you to our wonderful Kensington friends Isabela & Scott Crain for navigating Julius to Vermont . . .  and to my favorite flatlander couple ever Jen & Andy Levens for welcoming Master Julius into their home & lives and to Paige for her having welcomed him, too, even though he’s now faster than she.

From a statistical point of view, this Guinness x Piper litter is of particular interest.  I’ve been trying to breed Piper for two years with no success.  However, in October, the stars were aligned and we managed to pull off a TCI between sire and dam . . .  and then, we got fertilization.  Hooray!  I don’t know why the Oskar x Piper breeding didn’t take – but after that?  I wait until I see behavioral signs, before even thinking that we might have gotten lucky.  But back to the stats . . .

Piper’s XRAY from Broadview in Dover, NH on 25 December. Can you count the puppies?

Out of the six, three are male & three are female.  Three are brindle with dramatic white markings and three are apparently black & white with dramatic white markings.  ALL have lovely whiskey brown under their tails – ALL have white tips on their tails and NONE have Kisses of Buddha.  All are spoken for and I am keeping the big brindle female.  She has terrific substance – which is why I chose the male I did . . .  for SUBSTANCE! and that is what Piper’s offspring needed.  Not a problem, as she’s an absolute beauty queen and gorgeous mover – she’s just our resident South African supermodel or marathon runner; take your pick.

The epitome of joy!
Leo and Molly, 25 March 2020.

The bloodlines behind Guinness are 75% New England and if it’s one thing New England TT bloodlines have?  It is substance in our Tibetan Terriers.  We have great chests and heads – Yogi has a perfect rear end and he is Guinness’ and Leo’s sire (pictured at right at 9 weeks).  And the Kensington chests and heads have come through on all of these puppies.

Everyone always wants pictures and I apologize. However, I have very little time for photos and half the time?  Don’t really care where my phone is because I’m so focused on the doggies – plus, I can always ask my Google assistant to find the phone!  And when he does?  That phone starts to ring.  It is truly a wonderful life.  ;>)

New Year’s Day in the fast lane. 1 Jan 2021.

Here is one photo from this morning.  I do not like to interrupt a nursing mum or puppies with technology when they’re so young.  It goes a bit against my grain.  Photos will come soon, I promise!  We will be out of quarantine on 17 January and will resume welcoming visits at that time.  All we ask is that you come in clean cotton clothes, leave your coats & shoes in the garage and come play with puppies!  And don’t forget to make an appointment first, please.

Today will be a quiet day.  I will remain thoughtfully with Piper and her puppies – always watching and studying.  Looking for the right twitches and watching as the white hair comes in and starts to look more lush.  Lady Bernadette will be here for her daily noontime visit with Piccolo & Campari – and Koko-loko will get a walk to the village on snow covered paths.

Questa and WB. Westminster 2021, here we come. ;>)

I know that 2021 will bring more joy than 2020 – but this is not a new idea for me.  I believe that with every passing day, week and longer period of time in our lives, our capacity to experience joy expands.  And that means feeling joy becomes easier and more frequent.

I wish each of you courage, continued strength and hope that 2021 brings you the fruition of at least a couple of your dreams.  And the Kensington kids wish you lots of joy in 2021.  Thanks for your support and know that we’ll do our best for you, in return.

Very truly yours,

Wendyll Behrend.