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The best year yet and the next one begins . . . now!

9 January 2020

(Can’t believe that I actually typed the correct year: 2020.    Perhaps I am more rested than I’ve been in years past?)

Billie Jean’s Top 20 rosette from 2016 graces the corner of our living room. To me? It looks like an evening gown that Grace Kelly would have worn. ;>)

Regardless, we have achieved the one goal I set for Kensington in 2019 and that is to have eclipsed Billie’s 2016 #14 National Breed placing.  Billie was our first US Top 20 Tibetan Terrier and she achieved the Bronze Grand Championship medal in 2017 before retiring.  She is our GRCHB Kensington’s 1st Dance with Michael and with Lady Cheryl’s Yogi?  They produced Questa.

Questa finished 2019 with a #6 National Breed placing and we couldn’t be more proud of him and his handler, Rebecca Bradley.  Questa was born on 8 February 2018 and he is GRCHB Kensington’s Questa o Quella?  He will be returning home after the Florida shows later this month to breed the lovely Ziva in March 2020.

Rebecca Bradley with GRCH Kensington’s Questa o Quella?. In the ring at Westminster, 11 February 2019.

Whoo freakin’ hoo!  Well done, Becky!  Well done, Questa!  and Well done, Wendy B!  We’re all very, very pleased by his national placing and tonight?  It will be time to celebrate with Miss Elizabeth up at Edson Hill.  Where is that Veuve?  ;>)

Meanwhile, we also have a plan for the hand off of Piccolo’s puppies on Thursday, 16 January.  We will arrive in Newton, Massachusetts at 11am for our Wellesley, Newton, Lexington and New York families at another Kensington family’s house.  Then, once contracts are signed, puppies are kissed goodby and all questions are answered?  I’ll set off for Logan to meet a lovely lady (for the second time) and her daughter who are bringing Piccolo’s two female puppies into their home lives and flying back to Texas on Thursday afternoon.

Annabel with Judi & Friends in her new forever home. May 2019.

I swear, we have the most wonderful forever homes on the planet.  We are grateful for the trust and confidence each of our peeps place in us to breed and raise happy, healthy and smart TTs as future family members.  It is not all a bed of roses and I encourage everyone to lead a mindful ‘natural’ lifestyle – offer fresh veggies and fruits as treats to your doggies and keep the fat off the table.  Ditch the ferilizers and pesticides.  NO FEBREZE or SWIFFER!  Royal Canin is my choice for kibble – but I know there are other fine kibbles out there and Purina Pro Plan is a great alternative.

The Other End of the Leash is a great book to have on hand – read it and get a glimpse into your dog’s perspective.  Puppies for Dummies isn’t bad, either.  Remember, EVERYONE will have an opinion!  Use your head – be mindful and ask questions of your vet, your groomer and your breeder!

WB as May pole. Kensington play date in Newton, MA. Thank you, Justin & Regina! 4 May 2019,

Wagging Tales at Kensington is a private group on Facebook that we established recently, as Kensington peeps wanted a place where they could share experiences and ask questions.  Check it out.  It’s a great place to arrange to meet for play dates, especially in the Boston area.

Thank you for your interest in Kensington Tibetan Terriers and in my breeding program.  I take your confidence very seriously and hope that with every passing year, our TTs will just keep getting better and better.

Let’s make 2020 fabulous!