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Online Resources for New Puppy Owners

12 March 2022

Lady Bernadette, Doggie au Pair Extraordinaire, out with all ten puppies for afternoon play in the courtyard. 5 Jan 2022.

The puppies from our winter litters are all well ensconced in their new homes and reports have been coming in, from all across the US and up to Quebec City.  I’ve crossed the Canadian border twice, having had two PCR tests at Copley Hospital – and Sienna and Farouki are two other puppies from these litters who I hope will be participating in my breeding program, come 2024.

Lady Pipes had four puppies, two male and two female.  Both females were sable and both males were black with white marks.  And as  soon as the babies were weaned and under the care of perpetual mummy Piccolo?  Pipes left us for greener pastures and hasn’t looked back.  She’s now living happily and splitting her time between New York City and Stowe, Vermont.  Reveling in her new uber posh lifestyle, she wears booties for all city walks and has met quite a number of NYC TTs who live nearby.  It sounds as though a safe NYC play date could well be a part of our future.

Mia, nee Siena, at home in Connecticut. 25 Jan 2022.

Piper’s pups moved to FL, MA, CT and NJ.  Piccolo’s kids have new homes in MA, CT, RI, VT and Quebec.  Enjoy a couple of the photos we have of the latest batch of Kensington kids, while I put some links together for all of you to reference and use for self education.

How frequently and how much ‘exercise’ should you encourage in your new pup?  The AKC, Purina and Hill’s have articles published online that can get you started.  This link takes you to a great little article by Hill’s.  Remember, for every ten people who hear your question?  You can expect at least eleven different opinions.  ;>)

Maxfield Parrish Piper. Sunset over Mount Mansfield, 2 July 2020.

What about grooming your new Tibetan Terrier?  How frequently?  What tools do you need?  Should you learn to do it yourself or hire a professional?  Here is a great link to explore.  The videos featuring Lynn Meyer from All Things Dogs College are terrific.  Yes, you have to purchase them – but Lynn Meyer is arguably one of the best groomers/handlers/breeders/AKC reps out there and she bred the 2021, 2020 & 2019 #1 US TT, and the #2 US TT in 2018, 2017 and 2016.  Her techniques and her Dzine Tibetan Terriers win Best in Show over and over again.  And her grooming is among the best in the whole dog industry.

Oh, how Leo loves being the center of attention! With a bunch of 8 year old girls in Newton, MA.

I also wanted to call your attention to some of the most contemporary research out there pertaining to serious canine ailments including lymphoma & epilepsy.  The AKC’s Canine Health Foundation is absolutely worth supporting.  I donate for every litter that I breed, as I highly value what they do in the canine world.  This particular article mentions some of what the foundation has been focusing on, of late.  The paragraphs on lymphoma are definitely worth reading.

Surprise visit from Annabel!  With WB in the driveway at Maple Street. 31 Jan 2022.

And while we’re all still home and trying to maintain our intellectual acumen?  The wealth of information available online can drown a person.  My hope is that these links will help you get to the core of the information you seek as new puppy owners – and existing TT owners, whether of Kensington kids or TTs bred elsewhere.

If you’ve not yet asked to join Wagging Tales at Kensington, a private Facebook page that I run – you might like to explore doing so.  We have about 150 peeps who live with Kensington kids or who are waiting to add one to their family – and these great folks love sharing photos and experiences they’ve had with their TTs.  You can introduce yourself & ask for folks who might live near you, so that you can organize a play date – or ask a question about grooming – training – or agility, rally or other kinds of group activities you can do with your TT.  Even asking about what other people feed their Kensington TTs – it’s a safe place to share thoughts and we would welcome you to the group.

Stay safe and warm!  We’re all looking forward to spring.

Yours truly!