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Bears in the backyard . . .

15 November 2021

Lady Tracy with Suzi Q and Miss Paige. 4 May 2019.

How many of us live with wildlife?  I would propose that it is many families, if you want to include wandering deer, the occasional skunk and even, black bears.  Black bears have become commonplace in Stowe neighborhoods and it is because of loss of their native habitat.  I remember this past spring, Tracy was over helping me cut puppy toenails at Maple Street.  I was minding my own business attending to puppy paws and I heard Tracy say, ‘Look.  A bear.’

Well, before I looked up, I asked her, ‘How close to the house?’  And she said, ‘Up above the driveway.’

Fabulous black boy behind Dr. G’s house on Maple Street. May 2021.

And there he was.  ;>)  Looked like a two year old male ambling along an ancient cow path that curves through the forest above a stone wall that is just beyond my driveway.  She texted Dr. G and told him to bring Mojo inside and get ready for the visitor.  It seemed that no more than two or three minutes went by and G was already texting photos!  The bear came closer to their house than he came toward mine – but this is very normal in Vermont.  We have black bears in town and last year?  Lady Elizabeth and I were lunching outdoors on the Green Mountain Inn patio and I saw a mother with two cubs about thirty feet away going through the dumpster behind Von Bargen’s jewelry store.  I didn’t realize they had AirBNB apartments on the second floor and flatlanders ALWAYS throw food waste in with their trash.  Well, whaddaya know.  INSTANT ATTRACTION for black bears and then, folks whip out their cameras.

Q.T. in the courtyard at Maple Street. My pick from our March litters. 5 June 2019.

Anyway, I thought this year would be the year for my gardens to achieve new heights but that idea went out the window, as we had two Julius sired litters this spring and there was no time to manage conifers or perennials.

I’ve committed to myself that there will be no spring litters born in 2022, as the gardens at Maple Street look abandoned.  Enough puppies!

However, we are planning to breed Allegra in January 2022 – planning to skip Campari’s next season – breed Yvette a second time in early summer and then?  It will be time for a well deserved holiday.

WB and Annabel at Claire’s in Colorado, 1 December 2017.

We are planning a cross country driving trip with Questa and Campari as companions.  We’ll leave Stowe and, perhaps, take a northern route to visit our Canadian friends in Montreal and Ontario – then, drop down into the midwest to visit Earl Miller at Gemms, as I want to see Audi and Voodoo 3D.  I’ve got to visit Claire Coppola in Colorado and then, I’m going to go visit Chris Chance, my favorite ex.  He’s back to building bikes in Oregon – actually?  He never stopped building some of the most expertly designed and carefully executed bicycle frames on the planet.  And then, I’m planning to drop down south to Mendocino to visit Ani Diki-la and her human mum, Ann.  If I can drive 3500  miles in a breeding week?  I can surely drive 3000 miles across the country.  Anyone want a visit?  ;>)

Rudolf posing with the sleigh on the porch at Maple Street. Here come the holidays!

So, as for the gardens next year?  I expect to feel wonderfully refreshed upon my return from our trans American adventure and will respectfully attend to whatever survives our upcoming Vermont winter, unlike this past year of 2021.  Holidays are soon to be upon us, Annette & Dan will visit in early December and help to put Rudolf back up on the porch with his sleigh and, hopefully, we have Beckham x Campari puppies in the hopper now – and expected to arrive over Christmas.

Markus showing Moses, Sire of Beckham, 2016.  This dog is a DEAD RINGER for Questa.

The ‘Shadeacre Fast Love at Kensington’ (Beckham) x ‘Kensington’s With Tonic, Please’ (Campari) breeding is eagerly anticipated, as we have Yvette for comparison.  Yvette is the first Beckham daughter to join my breeding program and she continues to amaze with her shiny jet black coat, EXCELLENT OFA’ed hips, sweet disposition and terrific athleticism.  Granted, Yvette is a Beckham x Ziva girl and Campari is an Oskar x Billie girl – but either of these girls is a toss up for one of my best bitch bred bys, ever.  So, Beckham x Campari?  I cannot wait to see what is produced.  Look at Moses, pictured up above with Markus Gisslen of Shadeacre.  A spectacular dog and Becky continues to this day to ask for Campari to go back into the ring.  Campari is beautifully put together, has EXCELLENT OFA’ed hips and a personality that welcomes everyone for a belly rub.

Happy Holidays, eh! Canadian Whittaker enjoying a moment with Santa. Whit is one of Billie and Annabel’s brothers. December 2018.

So, while Christmas puppies will put a bit of a damper on my holiday activities, I know that come early March?  They’ll be ready for their new forever homes and I shall be ready for a road trip.

And between now and then?  The holiday season is about to begin and I’m getting my Moderna booster on Wednesday at 12:30pm, so that I can enjoy Thanksgiving with Jen & Andy.  Please be well, stay safe & smart and ENJOY the ones you love.  Every day has the opportunity to be the best day yet.

Happy Holidays, all!