Kensington’s Whelping Box

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Whelping box for small to medium breeds

11 Febuary 2018

Here at Kensington Kennel, we breed Tibetan Terriers.  Our brood bitches have varied from 20 – 32 pregnant pounds and 14 – 16” in height at the withers.  We have used our experience to develop a whelping box that works well for breeds similar in size.

We chose to design our boxes with corrugated plastic panels and PVC corners, top rails and puppy rails.  The assembled boxes measure 34” x 34”, as these dimensions have worked very well for litters between four and ten Tibetan Terrier puppies.  The whelping box will also fit nicely inside an exercise pen or in a bathroom.  The side panels are 10” high and a 2” extension accessory is available to increase the height of the box, for when the young puppies become able to climb out of the box.  The 2” extension accessory lifts the puppy rail two more inches off of the ground, greatly minimizing the potential for an escapee, while still allowing the brood bitch plenty of space for clearance, as she enters and exits the box to nurse her larger puppies.

The unique thing about a Kensington Whelping Box is our use of color.  Our boxes are white with blue top rails, a color that dogs can see and that catches their attention.

Dogs’ color vision is similar to humans with red-green color blindness.  This means that they can’t easily discern red from green; they see each of these colors as some version of gray.  This is because they are missing the red/green cone receptors in their eyes – but they have the blue/yellow cone receptors.

Our canine pals CAN see blues and yellows, although yellows are not perceived as vividly as blues.  For this reason, we chose to design our whelping box with bright blue details, to offer the maturing puppies some visual stimulation and to help the brood bitch discern between the blue top rail of the whelping box and the white side panels.

Our whelping boxes are available for immediate shipment domestically and internationally.  They are easy to assemble and come with clear instructions that have been written in English and not translated from another language. The boxes are partially assembled and require only a Phillips head screwdriver to complete the job.

Every piece and fastener that is used to assemble our box is waterproof and will stand up to repeated careful washings.  Here at Kensington Kennel, we use pHurity and Young Living cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and essential oil based for everyday cleaning.  In between litters, we spray with diluted Chlorox in water and dry the boxes in the sun.

Our boxes are light enough to carry and durable enough to last for years – and they can be disassembled, should you choose to do so. The PVC rails are very hard and highly resistant to chewing, should you have had that experience in the past.  We’ve never had a bitch or a puppy try to chew any part of our whelping boxes, as the surface shapes are uncomfortable for gripping by mouth.

Please call or email us, should you have questions.  We welcome your inquiry and can be reached at 781.254.9941 or

Thank you for your interest in a Kensington Whelping Box.