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Little girls make the best helpers.

Little girls make the best helpers.

17 May 2018

If you’re interested in learning more about us, just send us an email or give us a call at 781.254.9941.  Know that I don’t normally respond to text inquiries.  I’m just too old school.  ;>)

We live in Vermont full time, enjoying life in the historic village of Stowe with a snow-loving breed.  It is 60 degrees Fahrenheit today and the sun is shining.  Spring is underway, complete with its heavy rains and thunderstorms.  April showers brought May flowers and my daylilies, trilliums and peonies are poking through the soil.  We are setting up four new cedar raised beds today and looking forward to planting seeds for peas and lettuces.  It is still mud season and that brings lots of sand, flotsam and jetsum right into the house; one of the downsides of a pack of fully coated TTs who enjoy romping outdoors and walks on the Rec Path.  ;>)  I continue to hunt for a property in Massachusetts and in the Springfield area along the Route 91 corridor for one last project, but am in no hurry.

We have turned off the heat in our house and today, we have visits from two forever families for our 2018 litters.  Peter the gardener will be here today, too, to help with our spring yard clean up activities.

Beautiful Billie! Top 20 in 2016 and a Westminster competitor in 2017. With Karen Mammano at Westminster.

Ziva is currently our reigning queen and acting as though her breedings to Beckham last month were successful.  We’ll know more on 21 May, when Dr. Rossi works his magic with his ultrasound machine on her belly.  Questa, ne Tahoe, is still with us and maturing nicely.  At fourteen weeks on 17 May?  He is looking good.  We have no available puppies until next year, but Maureen Dwyer’s Star was bred to Yogi in January and her puppies arrived on March 13th in the late morning.  If you are interested in finding a puppy in the very near future, please reach out to Maureen and visit

We’re out of quarantine and enjoying visits from our soon to be 2018 forever families.  A potential forever family for Ziva comes tomorrow for their second visit.  At this time, I am planning to retire Ziva next year.  Ziva will be four in July 2018 and I normally retire my girls at four or five years of age.  And I require that prior to their leaving, each will have developed a warm and loving relationship with her new humans; a bond strong enough that the human gets recognized when they visit, over and above the usual licks and kisses.  Oliver is enjoying his new life with Nikki and Murray in Princeton, New Jersey.  He pranced out of here in November 2017 with his favorite toy, hopped into the car and slept with his head on Nikki’s lap all the way to his new home.  Of course, I miss him!  And I cried.  But I know that he loves having his two humans full time and I know how much they are loving him.  And THAT is a wonderful thing, as his departure made room for Questa, Questa.  When one goes, they make room for a new puppy in the pack.

If you’d like to learn more details about us?  We would welcome hearing from you.  Please introduce yourself!

Kensington Tibetan Terriers

P.O. Box 102
Stowe, VT  05672






  1. Barry Guitar says:

    My wife and I lost our TT to cancer in early November and would like to get a TT puppy in the spring or early summer. We are friends with Karen Lewis and loved her new TT, Sophie, who we met yesterday. We would be deleriously happy to get one just like Sophie. We’d love to visit you in Stowe in the next few weeks if that would be convenient. Our home number is 802-893-2400 and my wife Carroll is usually there all day. My office number is 802-656-0207.

    • Wendyll Behrend says:

      Good morning, Barry!

      It could be today. It might be tomorrow. Now is the time that I get nervous. On the one hand, I’ve always believed that being nervous heightens your ‘awareness’. I just wish that I could be in ‘heightened awareness’ mode, without being nervous! My dear friend Cheryl is here and my favorite vet tech on the planet will be arriving this afternoon. Gigi loves her vet tech and that might prompt her to go into labor. We shall see and we shall keep you posted!

      Enjoy this glorious weather. Happy weekend!

      Yours truly,


  2. Laura Sorrell says:

    We have had 5 Tibetan Terriers since 1978 and have two now. We want to get another Tibetan Terrier this year and we would like to be eligible for one of your girls or boys. We have always shown our dogs to become Champions and further the breed. Please let us know whether we can be considered.
    Laura Sorrell

  3. Martha Stowell says:

    We lost a sweet and lovely tibetan recently. We can’t imagine finding a more fun-loving, loving, sweet dog again. I like what I see on your website, and would like to know when you have your next litter.

    • Wendyll Behrend says:

      Good morning, Martha!

      I am so pleased to hear that Dennis has a puppy for you that will better meet your family’s time frame. Having walked in your shoes, I know how grieving feels. And when you feel ready for a new animal, I believe it is healthy to move forward.

      Good luck with your new baby!

      Yours truly,


  4. Tori Stevens says:


    We are very interested in getting our first TT. My sister has had her Tibetan Terrier for 6 years, and he is the best dog our family has ever had. Your dogs look beautiful. We’d love to know when you have your next litter and would be happy to come up to Stowe to visit between no and then. Ironically our dog would live in Charlestown, MA which I see that you occasionally visit! Thanks, Tori (

    • Wendyll Behrend says:

      Good morning, Tori!

      We are in the middle of preparations for the arrival of our first litter of 2016. It is a repeat breeding of my Gigi to my Oskar. I chose to repeat this breeding, as I liked so many of the characteristics and behaviours of the puppies from Gigi and Oskar’s first litter in 2014. This will be her third and final litter. All of the puppies have forever homes who’ve been eagerly awaiting their arrival. It is an exciting time and always finds me in a slightly nervous state. Our favorite vet tech will be arriving this afternoon for a visit and Gigi loves Jenifer. Her excitement may well stimulate contractions and then, the fun will truly begin.

      I look forward to continuing our discussion and would welcome you and your family for a visit to our home in Stowe, Vermont. Toward that end, I will leave the ball in your court . . .

      Yours truly,


  5. Barry Guitar says:

    Thanks so much for the news! We are eager to hear more as you and Gigi progress!
    A beautiful weekend to be born!

  6. Sharon Macari says:

    My husband and I are searching fo a TT puppy to join our family. We had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for 12 joy filled years…he passed several years ago. After extensive research and thought we are so very ready to bring a puppy into our lives. Our children are grown and it is just the two of us at home now…we have a lovely home with a fenced yard. We would be grateful for the opportunity to visit…I am so impressed by your apparent love and care for this beautiful breed…

    Best regards,

  7. Heidi Matthews says:

    Hi there!
    My husband and I lost our 18 year old tt in November. We still have our 13 year old tt who would love a companion.
    We would love to have a new puppy. We would ideally like a female brindle or gold/ white.
    Thank you,

  8. Toni Maestre says:

    Hello, We are very interested in getting a TT puppy. Male or female. Which ever would be the best fit . Love the double and tri colors. My best friends sister has a TT and she has the best disposition of any dog i’ve known. I would love to visit your facility in Vermont. Thank you for your consideration.

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