Grooming tools for next year’s stocking stuffers and ‘some of my favorite things’

8 January 2018

Rudolf took a break on the porch. ;>) Think he’s going to be late for Christmas!

Now that we’re into the New Year, the pressure is off.  The holidays are behind us, my kitchen is finally clean and it’s time for re-grouping.  I’ve figured out the trophies for our next Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club supported entry in Springfield, Massachusetts on April 7, 2018 and, on occasion, ordered ‘one for me’.  That latter part is the fun part.  And, actually, I have been known to buy two or three extra grooming tools to have on hand for visiting friends and new peeps, as a lot of these items are inexpensive and impromptu gifts are just plain fun.

Cheryl and Yogi James. 13 November 2015.

New TT owners might not know where or which grooming tools to buy for their canine companion.  Way back in the beginning?  I was told to buy a pin brush – and a slicker brush – and these are both mandatory things to have.  No one ever told me to buy a comb.  I can’t remember where I even got that idea.

While I’ve been ‘maintaining’ the coats of my TTs for a long time, I have also relied on a weekly professional grooming appointment for many years.  Each of my Tibetan Terriers has been in rotation, but it is not as difficult to maintain the full coat of an adult Tibetan Terrier, as I’ve thought.  Really, all it takes is five or ten minutes daily with the right grooming tools and a bath, every couple of weeks.  Quiet time with your furry sidekick is something you’ll both enjoy, as long as you stay on top of it.  And if you have osteo arthritis in your hands (as I do), just take it slowly.  Gentle, as you go.

In the grooming department, there are lots of tools available.  The essential equipment will fit into your grooming corner.  I can guarantee that any of these tools will make grooming time with your TT easier and more enjoyable.


Three way Greyhound combs come in colors!

Combs:  Greyhound combs are the top of the line and are a name brand.  Available from Ashley Craig in England, they last practically forever and have been manufactured in England for more than 90 years.  My first comb is still in use and was purchased in 1992.  They are electrostatically finished, to reduce static electricity.

Specialty rat tail and face combs from Madan.

Another brand I like very much that is available domestically is manufactured by Madan.  They make a variety of specialty combs and brushes, too.  This particular distributor seems to have the best inventory available and ready to ship.

Madan brushes come in colors, too.

Brushes:  Madan pin brushes are smaller and come in fun colors.  Trust me, after ten minutes on the table?  A little fun is welcome!

A wooden pin brush from Chris Christensen.

Chris Christensen brushes and grooming tools are wonderful, too.  My first Chris Christensen brush was received as a gift from a new puppy owner.  Now, I use both wooden pin and metal pin brushes.  The wooden pin brushes are great for puppies AND for doggies with sensitive bodies.  And I love their Ice on Ice detangling leave-in coat conditioner.

Les Poochs brushes are terrific for mat detangling and finishing.  Yes, they are expensive – but, my gosh, they work beautifully.  I only wish I had known about them 25 years ago.  I am also using their shampoos, these days.

Grooming tables:  This company sells an extra tall table that is great for TTs and tall people.  I love mine.  We use it as a judging table in my basement show ring.  They are expensive – but the durability is worth it to me.  And it keeps unnecessary junk out of landfills.

Bathing tubs:  I use the kitchen sink in the AGA room, when the puppies are young.  It is great year-round – but when the weather is warm?  I use a portable tub in my outdoor shower, where we have hot and cold water.  You could use this portable tub ANYWHERE that you have a threaded spigot with hot and cold water OR in a bathroom where you have a hand held showerhead.  It is sturdy, durable and lightweight.

This is just a smattering of grooming tools I have in my grooming corner.  If you have tips or favorite products that I’ve not mentioned, please submit a comment.  We can all learn from each other.

As for leads and collars, they come in many materials – I have a variety on hand, whether for early leash training, walking to town or the show ring.  My absolute favorites come from Paula Hogan.

Paula Hogan’s rolled leather collar for coated breeds.

Paula fabricates a rolled leather ‘choke’ collar – I call it a ‘slip’ collar – and it is THE BEST to keep the long hair protected on a TT.  Even if you clip your dog’s coat and keep it short?  I love her rolled leather collars, particularly because they fit multiply sized doggies!  (But that is in my world.)  In your world?  The quality of the bridle leather is beautiful and it comes in a variety of colors.  And her leads?  They are unmatched in quality and ‘hand’.  Plus, they are of good weight and that makes it easier on arthritic fingers and hands.

PictureAnd I’ve recently learned of some wonderful gift items, too, like the Tashi book.  Susanne Roderick is the author, a lovely lady who splits her time between Massachusetts and Florida with her family and her beloved TT.  Susanne has recently published a charming book based on the heritage of the Tibetan Terrier.  It is beautifully illustrated and sensitively written.  Terrific for reading out loud with children.  Please check it out at

And now that I’ve finished sharing these thoughts, it is time for Billie, Ziva and Koko to take their turns on the grooming table, as it snows outside.  A quiet afternoon, here at Kensington.  We shall make the most of it.

Happy New Year, all!

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  1. Izabela Malinowska-Crain says:

    These are some great tips on how to maintain the beautiful coat of a TT. I would like to share one more. DYSON HAIR DRYER. It was a gift to me which I chose to share with my first TT, Phoebe. It CHANGED our lives. It does not overheat either skin or hair. It is much quieter and cuts the hair drying time in at least half!!!! It turned out to be not the dreadful project that takes hours. I realized it is fairly expensive tool but I feel that this is an investment for many years if you like to consider extra bonding time ( it is my downtime) and learning how to take care of your doggie just in case your groomer calls out sick.