Happy New Year to all from Dolce, our newly available male puppy!

30 December 2019

Miss Paige, Yogi x Star 2019.  A delightful and precocious  female.  Splits her time between NYC and VT.

It has been a wonderful year for my little pack.  I have very much enjoyed this latest chapter chasing fifteen quadrupeds around my house and yard.  Huge thanks go to Jen & Andy for watching the babies, while I shower –  thank you to Lady Bernadette for loving me and all of us – and more huge thanks go to Lady Heike, without whose grooming we’d be a mess!  Our days are well organized and overnight snowfall makes what I’ve missed, go away.  How very pretty it is, in the morning!

We are a beautifully managed little operation, as long as I have my triple Nespresso with foamed milk in the am and my vino in the pm.  And there’s always a second Bosch washing machine, should anything prove to be a wicked big mess.  Oy.

Our lovely GRCH Piccolo and her five babies. 26 Nov 2019.

Most importantly to announce: we now have one very newly available male puppy named Dolce.  Please reach out to me, if you’d like to see a video of Dolce and the other puppies in his litter.  He is available because I have decided not to keep my Beckham-sired male out of Beckham x Koko, as Veronika Kucerkova of Erbosedition in Slovakia has bred a beautiful sable male for my next outcross in 2021 and Questa will be coming home soon.  That will give me two intact males in residence and that is full capacity.  We will bring the sable boy into the pack, come April 2020, and I have plenty of Beckham’s frozen semen for future breedings.  So, I have released Kensington’s Zapata to a very nice Massachusetts family and now, Dolce, their former Oskar x Piccolo puppy is available.

Normally, folks have to wait several or many months for a Kensington puppy . . .  but someone out there just might get lucky, if they make the cut and prove to be ready for a puppy, come mid January.  Dolce will be nine weeks old on 16 January 2020 and ready to leave us anytime during the MLK weekend.

Rudolf posing with the sleigh on the porch at Maple Street. Happy Holidays! Glad they’re over!

In the meantime, we are going to have a New Year’s Eve party to get Rudolf and his sleigh out of the garage and onto the front porch.  We missed Christmas and the Thanksgiving wreath remains on the front door – but there was no available time for decorating frivolity!  Puppies and their mums are always the most important thing around here and Rudolf can’t go anywhere on his own.  We might get really lucky and have Lily & Daisy in town to help with his rigging, as I don’t know the first thing about rigging a reindeer!  And their wonderful mum Lizzie donated Rudolf’s tack.  But if the girls aren’t here?  I’ll call Tom Sequist to the rescue.  He and his wife are equestrian pros and I know they will know how to hang Rudolf’s silver bells.  ;>)

BFF, A man and his dogs: RR, Freddie and Whitaker. June 2016

We wish everyone out there a healthy and rewarding New Year.  Please, act with heart and help us make the world a smaller place.  Tell the folks you love that you do!  And smile at a stranger.  Hold the door and help an elder.  ‘Tis the season and that should be the way we behave, year-round.

May 2020 bring you blessings and joy!

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