October breedings mean February 2023 available puppies

12 November 2022

WB & Dijon enjoying the June lilacs at Karen & Peg’s garden in Milton, Vermont. 2022.

Greetings and hello to each of you, from the pack here at Kensington Tibetan Terriers!

We’ve had four whole months without litters in the house and I’ve sincerely missed caring for the little buggers.  But it looks as though I might only have four more weeks of freedom, before new litters are whelped and my focus reverts to the thing I love most: caring for and raising Kensington kids.

These next litters will be out of sable Tashi and black & tan Guinness – and THAT means a complete range of coat colors and patterns.  It will be the last litter from Guinness and a new career for Tashi.

Tashi winning a 4 point Major in Springfield, Massachusetts under judge Mr. Fred Bassett.

Tashi is out of Julius x Piccolo and he is on his way to being the first of three AKC Conformation Champions to make Piccolo a Register of Merit brood bitch.  His sister from a different litter is Sienna and she is soon to find herself on the end of a lead held by Rebecca Bradley, Kensington’s professional handler.  Tashi and Sisi were in the ring for the four Halloween shows in Springfield.  And they’ll be back out together for the four shows of the Thanksgiving Cluster, also in Springfield, Massaschusetts.  We will be there on Monday to watch and have fingers crossed that each animal earns more points toward their first title.

Sienna was handled in the show ring by her human mum in Wilmington, MA and Nashua, NH.  And she’s been practicing in several outdoor handling classes up here in Vermont judged by my friend John Cornell, president of the Newfoundland Club of America.  John is always so kind to the puppies on the table and Sisi did very well under his hands.  Now?  It’s time for a turn with a professional handler, to see just how well she can do.

A beautiful October morning on the Elmore Mountain Road in Stowe, Vermont.. 2022.

Life in Stowe has been bizzy, these last six or so weeks, as we’ve come through a glorious foliage season and also, had two boys boarding with us for a month.  Nico’s littermate Cody was here, as was Tashi, while his humans spent a month in India and countries in that part of the world.  Our newest doggie au pair Jill Anne helped, too, and gave me a break to travel for overnights to the Cape and to Boston for fun with friends.  Rumi arrived on October 30 and will be with us for the month of November, while his humans enjoy a month out in Palm Springs, CA.  He’ll leave in early December and then?  We’ll be in quarantine with new puppies during the month of December with no boarding availability until March 2023.

HRM Queen Elizabeth as a young girl. Photographed with her sister Margaret and a ‘shaggy dog’ of the Tibetan Terrier style.

A couple of people have asked me recently about my choice to use ‘Kensington’ as my kennel name and I wanted to share the answer.  When I came to the breed in 1992 with my first two littermate puppies from Nina Wagner of Shalimar, I immersed myself in a study of the history of the breed.  It was Dr. Greig, a British surgeon, who is credited with bringing the first breeding pair of Lhasa Terriers to England.  I chose a British word for my kennel affix to pay homage, if you will, to Dr. Greig and the many other British people who contributed to the history and health of our breed.  Without them?  The story would have been different and who knows what that might have happened to the Tibetan Terrier we all know and love?  If you’re interested, I encourage you to find, purchase and read ‘Reflections on the Tibetan Terrier’ by Jane Reif.  There are two editions and they are different – however, they are both packed with unique information and also, some shared history.

A couple of ‘little people’: Campari on the left and Miss Paige on the right at Paige’s house. BFF. 7 May 2020.

Now that we’ve got puppies in the hopper, my thoughts have turned to preparing the whelping rooms and testing my whelping equipment.  After the puppies have landed, had their dew claws removed and been deemed vigorous and healthy?  I will reach out personally to the fine folks whose applications with deposits I’ve been holding in my office.  We have Florida to Maine families for these litters and we’ll have a little time to figure out how, when and where their puppy hand-offs will take place.  At this time, I do believe we will have a couple of puppies who aren’t yet reserved by deposit, as I allocate only four applications per litter.  With an average litter size of five or six healthy vigorous puppies, that gives me some leeway, as I study the pups with the various forever families’ lifestyles in mind.  I like to have some wiggle room, rather than overcommitting – so, stay tuned.  We might have some earlier availability to new families than I originally thought.

With foliage on the ground and behind us, my thoughts are turning to the Thanksgiving holiday.  It will be my last hurrah, before the new puppies arrive.  Not sure where I’ll be but we did save some Sauternes and I did commit to preparing foie gras as a first course for my friends on the Cape.  We froze the Sauternes and if I’m not there for Thanksgiving?  I’ll be there for Easter!

So looking forward to our first snowfall! Maybe tomorrow, if I believe the weather forecast?

This is my favorite time of year, with the seasons changing and the temperatures dropping.  The AGA has been turned up to full power but the snow tires aren’t yet on the car.  Like our TTs, I much prefer the cold and the snow – and I say, ‘Bring it on!’

Questa, Nico, Piccolo, Campari, Yvette and Lillibet don’t yet know it – but our favorite auntie will be coming for a week in early December, followed by another of my dearest friends and finally?  Jing will come for a week from L.A. in January or February to take care of me, so that I can take the best care of the little ones.  Here we go, again!

Hoping that everyone is staying well and safe – enjoy your families and friends during these next few months – and remember that you’re all welcome to visit, when we’re not in quarantine.  Everyone benefits from the interaction, especially the young puppies.  And if you can’t make it 3D?  We have zoom.us!  What a great tool to have available to stay in touch!

Yours truly,



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