Products and Services

2018 Calendars available for $12.95

Wickets We love our wicket by Double Ring Kuvasz and intend to soon introduce one of our own that will be wall mounted.

Whelping Box Our whelping box is modeled after my original whelping box that was gifted to me by a retired breeder.  Our Kensington whelping box features a height extender that will buy you another week, before puppies can escape out of the box.  Our puppies go from the height extended whelping box right into a wire play pen, so that their crate training can begin at five weeks of age.

Boarding  We welcome any Kensington Tibetan Terrier for boarding in Stowe, Vermont, whether for long or short term.  Pick up/Drop off arrangements can often be made in mutually convenient New Hampshire or Massachusetts locations.  Our new Stowe house has two wings and three garage bays, so that dogs and bitches can play together or be separated, depending upon each individual situation.  Soon, the basement will be finished and built out for overnight summer accommodation in double cage banks with access to a third kitchen, full bath and large play area.