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Come ZOOM with us tonight at 5pm EST

21 May 2020

Day One: 6 May 2020. Born on Cinco de Mayo, they are Diego, No Way Jose, Poncho, Luisa, Fiesta and ???

We have Questa x Ziva’s puppies in my kitchen office and they are sixteen days old, today.  Puppies are born premature and incompletely developed, which is why the mum licks them to evacuate their bowels and urinate for their first few weeks of life – their senses of sight and hearing are not fully developed until weeks after birth – and their skeletal and muscular physiology is immature, too.  Hence, the ‘guinea pig’ look, until they are five or six weeks old.

This afternoon, we’d like to invite you to meet our little buggers.  They’ll probably be a little ‘whiny’ – they might be sleeping – but it’s an important time in their development, as their eyes are beginning to open!  Ziva is proud of her babies and if we’re really lucky, she’ll join them in the whelping box.  But if not?  I’ll have her and them on a flannel blankie and you can meet them, while we maintain our quarantine safely.

All of these Kensington puppies have forever families and there are back up homes, if anything changes.  Piccolo’s not yet come into season and I’ve decided that just might be a good thing for me!  It will give me a couple of weeks in summertime between litters and maybe I’ll work on my tan lines.  ;>)

My sweet Cara Mia, born in 1992 and she left me in 2007. My little 16 pound Shalimar girl. I miss her, as I miss all of the sweet doggies I’ve lost.

Meanwhile, I know that a number of you are grieving the recent loss of a beloved dog and I wanted to point you toward a grief support group that is run by a terrific organization with whom I study specific veterinary topics through webinars.  If you’d like to explore the offerings by VetVine, please check this out:

The link above will take you specifically to their grief support services – but you can also sign up for fabulous webinars about Lyme disease, kidney issues, nutrition and its link to disease – all sorts of things!

I’m going to keep this short – as I’d like to get this announcement into your mailboxes pronto.  Here’s the link to the ZOOM meeting:

Topic: Meet Questa x Ziva’s puppies
Time: May 21, 2020 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 926 542 3738
Password: Kensington

Hope to see you later!

Yours truly,