12 December 2018

Gigi and Jack Brack, March 2016

Gigi and Jack Brack.  Princeton, MA, March 2016

(Please know that 2019 February school vacation boarding reservations are now closed.)

Kensington-bred TTs are always welcome to board with us in Stowe!  Aza and Georgie Girl come every summer and we especially love seeing how our puppies develop.  Next year, we’re expecting Leo in September, when his humans will be in Italy.  During these times, I am also able to help with many remedial training issues, if a need has developed.  Short term overnight boarding is $30 per night, while day or longer term boarding (7 or more nights) is $25 per day or longer term overnight.

Sharing a bed in the kitchen, Stowe 2015

Sharing a bed in the real kitchen at Maple Street, Stowe 2015.

In Stowe, we have a large tiled winter kitchen with an AGA that allows for indoor group play.  We also have a conformation ring with mirrored walls set up in the basement.  There are five sets of indoor double sized, two story cage banks situated in different areas of the house, as well as two grooming stations with standing hair dryers, each with window views.  The dogs also have three fenced in areas where they enjoy supervised play and feeding, depending upon their age.  We cap occupancy at six animals (including our own).  Mine is not a traditional ‘kennel’ operation.  The animals live in the house with me and are invited into privilege rooms, like the real kitchen and living rooms, when they’re old enough and can use their manners.  There is a doggie couch and a human couch in the living room and they are taught to know the difference.  We often treat our puppies using spoons and forks, as there are times when yogurt and other soft foods are best delivered that way.  Group ‘sits’ start at a young age.  Peer pressure is invaluable in training and it’s wonderful fun to have multiple ages in residence, for all!  Oftentimes, I’m lucky enough to have a doggie au pair in residence, too, to help with the socialization and exercise of the pack.

If you click on the video above, you’ll meet Miss Alice from Taiwan, demonstrating ‘group sit with banana’ with our January 2014 home pack of five animals.  We have other videos posted on youtube – LOTS of them!  Some feature our international doggie au pairs with our ‘pack of the moment’.

While we prefer you deliver your Tibetan to Stowe for boarding, we can often arrange to meet you at a mutually convenient alternative location in New Hampshire or Massachusetts to ease travel logistics.  For our longer term boarding friends, I often meet them at either Exits 9 or 16 in New Hampshire on I89, unless I’m in the Boston area for fun or business.

See a map of our location.