Coming to California with puppies available in 2022

18 March 2021

Greetings to all!

The winter of 2020/2021. Terrific and consistent snowfall – wouldn’t have it any other way!

It certainly appears that the worst of winter will soon be behind us.

This was a year of plentiful snowfall and mild temperatures.  The bucket truck only had to come twice to remove our snowbanks and that is always great fun to watch, as it happens at night and the bright lights from the big rig sparkle off of the snow.

I’m always sad to see winter leave but excited that spring is just around the corner.  The word is that we are soon to see sunshine and 50 degrees, here in Stowe, Vermont.  With the longer March days, eggs are being laid by my Polish Crested hens and in late Feb/early March, Guinness x Lady Piper’s puppies made their way to their new forever homes, from Illinois to Maine.  One, by plane and five, by car.  Of course, it is bittersweet to kiss each one goodby – but – then, I get to put my house back together, after washing & bleaching the puppy linens and towels.  And the things I find under the couches?  Oy, you do not want to know.  ;>)

My mentor and friend, Nina Wagner with one of her Shalimar Tibetan Terrier bitches.

Demand for Kensington Tibetan Terrier puppies has been strong for a very long time – it’s not just a Covid thing for us.  Even in 2015, I was referring inquiries to my mentor, Nina Wagner.  I’ve always been happy to refer qualified inquiring folks to other breeders whose Tibetan Terriers, breeding methods and philosophies I respect.  But in 2019, I realized that I wanted to be able to more easily provide my puppies to forever families on the West Coast.  By then, either I was flying west or someone was flying east for a puppy out of every other litter.  And then, a lovely lady and her daughter flew together into Logan to pick up littermates.  I guess it was exactly then, that the seed germinated.  I needed someone to help expand Kensington.

Kensington At Last Ani Diki-la, out of Leo x Piccolo. 15 January 2021.

That help came in November 2020, when I delivered my first future brood bitch of two to a lovely lady who has prior experience breeding Tibetans and wanted to get back into it – but only under someone who would manage the pairings of sire & dam – who does all of the genetic, annual eye & BAER testing TT breeders are supposed to do – works with breeders from around the world and who enjoys the study of pedigrees, both reverse and classic.  I am thrilled to have someone who will be helping to expand my breeding program geographically and her second bitch puppy will most likely be out of Julius x CH Campari.  Julius is the wonderful boy out of Veronika Kucerkova’s Erbosedition breeding program in Slovakia.  He came to the States in 2020 and is currently being shown by his owner handler in limited showing.  Julius has points toward his CH title and will next be out in Springfield, MA on 10 and 11 April 2021.

You know what Mother Nature says:  Man makes plans and God laughs.  Regardless, we have the first piece in place and are moving forward with the next piece.  One step at a time . . .  Northern California, here we come!

WB and my dear friend AT in the vineyards at Gary Farrell.

The girls and I have been keeping an eye on Lady Campari, as she is the next to come into season.  She is CH Kensington’s With Tonic, Please and I’ve got fresh pads in the tray beneath the grate in her crate to catch her first drop(s) of discharge.  Lady Piccolo gave her pee a good sniff the other morning and that is a good sign.  She is expected to come into season anytime, now – but for good measure and to hedge our bet?  My handler Rebecca Bradley entered her in the PA and MA shows in April.  She has her three Major wins for the GRCH title and needs only points.  That part has always been easy!  Chasing Majors can get very frustrating – but points?  Even if you only earn one or two in a small show . . .  points do not require four bitches in the ring, the way a 3 point Major does.

Campari in the courtyard garden. Turk’s Cap lilies started blooming today! 8 August 2019.

With the thawing of the winter snows, we look forward to May, when we’ll be welcoming 3D visitors once again.  Hopefully, more of us will be able to get our first COVID shot in April and maybe have our second by summer.  I am planning a trip to France in later summer 2021 to pick up a new gold bitch puppy from Lydie Estru of Sun Kosi, a friend and fellow breeder in France.  Lydie bred the magnificent Sun Kosi un Amour de Jules, the fabulous dog behind Piper (which is the primary reason I wanted to breed Pipes) and she is the president of the TT Club of France.  We are eagerly waiting for Sun Kosi Lavender Blonde to come into season and then, she’ll be bred to one of the Kundali boys in Switzerland and we will wait & hope for a successful whelping of healthy pups.

Sunrise gives pause. Sunrise brings hope. We have hope!

I want to applaud the international human race for the terrific patience we’ve demonstrated during the last year.  There’s no doubt that having a dog in your life eases the stress of daily life, nevermind Covid-19, as doggies love us no matter what.  Not only is this a precocious, intelligent, affectionate and athletic breed – they can demonstrate will and boundaries need to be introduced clearly and emphasized regularly.  And I breed for brains, so, get ready!  I always prefer to breed & raise Kensington Tibetan Terrier puppies for folks already in the breed and especially, for folks who’ve lived through the loss of a heart dog.  It gives me the greatest satisfaction to provide joy to those who’ve spent time grieving over the loss of a beloved quadruped.  It truly doesn’t get any better than that, for me.

Rebecca Bradley with GRCH Kensington’s Questa o Quella?. In the ring at Westminster at barely one year old, 11 February 2019.

So, let’s look forward to better days soon and hang in there, just a little longer.  This, too, shall pass.  Stay your courses and stay safe & well.  I’ll be in touch soon with news & details about the Specialty shows in Wrentham, MA in May 2021 and, of course, with my final plan for Westminster 2021.  As of now, Earl Miller of Gemms has asked me to come and sit with him, as we watch our boys in the breed ring at Westminster in June.  His boy is GRCHS Gemms Deuteronomy is Strong And Courageous and you all know my boy . . .  GRCHS Kensington’s Questa o Quella?  What is it that they say?  May the best man win!

Yours truly,



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