Loving autumn in Vermont

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Kensington puppies are born on natural fibers and raised with green grass under their feet.

Kensington puppies are born on natural fibers and raised with green grass under their feet.

Beau, Oliver's littermate from our March 2009 litter

Beau, Oliver’s littermate from our March 2009 litter

25 September 2016

The temperatures are changing and we couldn’t be happier.  We haven’t had our first frost yet and the days are still warm.  Walks to town are the best fun, either with a latte or a Heady for me, and folks to meet and greet for the kids.  Earlier this month, our Billie Jean won the Breed and finished her Championship down in Bridgewater, New Jersey and WE ARE THRILLED!  Billie is an enthusiastic, intelligent and athletic Tibetan Terrier who has whelped two litters and now?  She’s home growing coat and loving playing with Ziva.  Billie’s Championship is Kensington’s 10th title, after 7 other Championships and 2 Grand Championships (Oliver and Ziva).  While we are not a show-driven kennel, we believe that the AKC Championship title is an important part of considering an animal for our breeding program.  The American Kennel Club is the governing body over canines, if you will, and their stamp of approval is an important one to me.

Last October, the AKC granted Kensington Tibetan Terriers its Breeder of Merit status.  We are proud to have been acknowledged for all of the fine work we do and, especially, for our commitment to genetic testing, athleticism, brains and fine temperament.

If you haven’t already been enchanted by Tibetan Terriers, prepare to be wow’ed by the enthusiasm, brains and agility of Kensington’s Tibetans.  TTs are brave, athletic, sweet, precocious and engaging.  We breed one or two litters each year and welcomed our 2016 litters on April 18th and June 5th.  Georgie Girl and Oskar’s April 18 puppies have all transitioned into their new forever homes.  We did choose to keep Lily Rose as a successor to her mum, Georgie Girl.  Lily is squarely proportioned with a lovely gait and more body than her mum, also on the smaller side, has a better head, high ear set, nice tight tail and high tail set, and her temperament is happy and unflappable.  She rolls over on her back for belly rubs, just like our Ziva.  We’re going to keep her at home through the holidays and then, decide whether to put her on the circuit in early 2017 or wait for her adult coat.

Kensington Dogs August 9 2016 028

Rosie, nee Pearl (Billie x Oskar, 2016)

Kensington Dogs August 9 2016 103

Chico, ne Charlie (Billie x Oskar, 2016)

Billie x Oskar’s puppies left us mid August, for their new homes in Massachusetts and Vermont.  We are now working with the Broadview Animal Hospital in Rochester, New Hampshire and looking forward to breeding Billie Jean to Oliver, early next year.  Our AKC Gr Ch Ziva (Kensington’s L.A. Noir, Aussi) will be joining our breeding program in 2017 and we are planning on a dual sired litter for her, so that I can study two genetic combinations, in order to better plan for her first repeat breeding in 2018.  We are expecting to have puppies next available for their new forever homes in May 2017.

If you’re thinking about bringing a Tibetan Terrier into your own home life, you are welcome to call with any questions you might have.  Please know that we receive many more inquiries than we have available puppies.  With this in mind, we now prefer to place our puppies in forever homes who have prior experience living with a Tibetan Terrier OR who have lived with a beloved dog through the elder years and experienced the heartbreak of losing a dog to death.  We do not offer our puppies to families seeking a ‘first dog’.

032116 Gigi Ultrasound

One of six embryos in Gigi’s tummy, Day 32. March 2016

Here at Kensington Kennel, our commitment is to breeding smart, healthy Tibetan Terriers of handsome conformation within the breed standard, with friendly disposition & enthusiastic spirit. We use progesterone testing to time our breedings, genetic testing to manage our blood lines and breed our own AKC Champions selectively, always keeping the 14” – 17” breed standard in mind. While our personal preference is for smaller TTs, every litter offers a range of sizes and it really doesn’t matter too much, as adult weights tend to range between 20 and 30 pounds. A Tibetan Terrier of this size is easily managed, whether raised in an apartment with daily walks or in a house with a fenced yard.

053016Ben with Puppies at Shumans

Ben enjoying our Gigi x Oskar puppies, Memorial Day weekend in Marblehead, 2016

It is our commitment to protect the breed standard, using modern science and the best subjective analysis possible, as we take the Tibetan Terrier breed forward.  We genetically test the animals in our breeding program for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofucinosis (NCL/CCL), Lens Luxation and Canine Renal Dysplasia (although this Canadian test has been challenged as flawed) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy RCD3 and RCD4.  The lack of these genetic mutations can be described as ‘Clear by Parentage’ in progeny where both sire and dam proved ‘normal’ and ‘clear’ of the mutant gene.  In these cases, we do not test every generation.

021416 WB with RinChen puppies

Going over the puppies from a fellow breeder’s litter, February 2016

It is also important to me to breed youthful females, so as to retire them sometime around their fourth birthdays.  That gives them lots of time in their new forever homes, allows me to bring in new puppies for study and keeps my home pack size small.  My life is rich with friends, real estate projects, my gardens and other interests, too.  Living with more than four dogs becomes stressful for me and so, I like to keep my home pack size small.  I couldn’t do what I do, the way that I do it, with more than four or five dogs in residence at a time.  I also couldn’t do it, the way that I do it, if I had to work full time.  I am grateful for the privilege of being able to focus on my passion for my dogs, fun in the kitchen with my friends and the occasional dog-free jaunt over the border.  This, is my life.

Bobby and Ava 081516

Bobby and Ava on the river, Summertime 2016

We sincerely believe that a Kensington Tibetan will be one of the healthiest TTs you’ll find available to you here in the States. The care and special attention we pay to nutrition, socialization and cleanliness set us apart from many other breeders.  We like to keep our puppies until sometime between their ninth and tenth weeks of life, as the last week or two spent with the older animals truly helps them develop good manners.  We do water training, when possible, and puppies will have had solo experience in different rooms of the house, before they leave.  Our forever families will happily reference us and we welcome your inquiries.

090715 Woman Cave Island

My ‘desk’, when we have puppies in the house.

Mark Desrosiers of Tessahoc handles our TTs in the show ring and we thank him and Becky sincerely for finishing all of our breeding stock.  Ziva finished her Grand Championship in September 2015, including the Best of Breed win at the Non Sporting Club of NJ show in New Jersey on September 3rd.  Ziva is out of my Coppi to Nina Wagner’s Brady; born 6 July 2014 up in Stowe, Vermont.  She is a mostly black girl with red highlights and profuse coat.  Her sweet and infectious enthusiasm for life and play are indicative of the temperament behind the lines we breed.  Kensington’s L.A. Noir, Aussi is her registered name and we plan to breed her in January 2017.  Hers will be our first litter of 2017 and we are accepting deposits for her puppies, who will be ready for their forever homes in May 2017, if Mother Nature performs as expected!

080415 Day One Gigi with pups

Day One: Gigi and her pups on August 4th, 2015

Please enjoy your visit to our site.  We welcome hearing from new friends and look forward to the opportunity to answer any questions you might have about the breed or our Tibetan Terriers.  Those answers are often published as blog entries under the ‘NEWS’ tab on the far right up above.  You  may sign up to receive future postings under the NEWS tab, at the top of that page.  If you’re interested in one of our puppies, please DO sign up, as that is where I will post the updates on breedings, whelpings and other things we learn or experience.  There is an application you’ll need to fill out that I can send to you, before we can take your interest forward.

081015 Ava swimming

Who says that Tibetans don’t swim? Ava, 2015.

We have an active community of Kensington fans and forever families on Facebook.  You are welcome to search for us there, too.

In the meantime, my name is Wendyll Behrend and you may ring me on my cell, should you have questions and a situation you’d like to address now.  Sometimes I have older puppies or dogs available, but sometimes, not.  Try me at: 781.254.9941

Thank you very much for your interest in my dogs.

Woof.  ;>)