Kensington Tibetan Terrier puppies available in 2021.

18 July 2019, 10pm EST

Summertime and the living is easy. Resting on the dock, in between trying to get up on skis. Rooby!

Hello and welcome!

We enjoyed a lovely visit from a Connecticut forever family yesterday who will be bringing Aretha home and into their lives next month.  They came to us, as they met a Kensington TT puppy through their son’s tutor.  That puppy is Questa’s littermate and just as gorgeous as my boy.  It is extremely rewarding to me to have puppies I’ve bred be the reason to meet new friends.

The tides are shifting and we await my girls coming into season in the next four to six weeks.  We are committed to doing our best with progesterone testing to identify the ideal fertility window and superb nutritional care to maximize the size of these next litters.

Rebecca Bradley with GRCH Kensington’s Questa o Quella?. In the ring at Westminster, 11 February 2019.

Our Oskar x Billie puppies got their first experience on grass two days ago.  Took a minute or two and some familiar stuffed animals & fleece beds – but they adjusted quickly for some outdoor fun and games.  None of these puppies will be hitting the ring, as they are all destined for forever families in New York and Connecticut.  We’ve got one Kensington Tibetan in the Conformation ring this year and that is our GRCH Kensington’s Questa o Quella?  He is handled professionally by Rebecca Bradley and we are grateful for Becky’s participation in his life.  Thanks to Questa’s partnership with Becky, he has managed to land in 18th position on the Top 20 Breed and 9th position on the All Breed results posted through 30 June 2019 on Canine Chronicle.  This is very exciting news for us.  Questa’s goal?  To beat his mother’s #13 Top 20 Breed position at the end of 2016.  ;>)

The lovely Lady Cheryl and one of Ziva’s March 2019 puppies. And, of course, scampi with bread crumbs & parsley, as we never miss a meal around here. ;>)

Our quarantine is over and visits have resumed.  Lady Cheryl and Master Yogi were here last week.  Big fans of Billie’s arrived today for a couple of days.  And next week?  Bucky’s new mum will be here for two days to introduce herself to her new boy and spend a couple of leisurely days here in Stowe.  

Later this month?  We will have Michael, Lola and Charlie (Shadeacre Epic Moment) visiting over at Birch Hill.  Then, the humans will leave and Charlie will stay with us for the month of August and Beckham (Shadeacre Fast Love at Kensington) will be in the wings and poised for adventure, when Piccolo, Ziva and Koko come into season in August/September.  We might get lucky and get a sable/brindle female out of one of those three outcrossed breedings and that would be a PERFECT female to breed back to red Leo – or to his father, Oskar, for that matter.  Breeding strictly for color is a questionable breeding strategy, unless you take other factors into consideration including how closely related are the sire and dam.

Whittaker, bred by Yours Truly. CH Kensington & Shalimar’s Iconic Whit.  Brother of Billie, Sire of Yogi. Grand Sire of Questa. What a gorgeous boy. 4 July 2019.

Traditionally, I use repeat breedings to ensure that I know what will be produced in our litters and to work toward consistency in what I produce.  If I breed a pair of animals two or three times and the offspring are all similar?  I know that I can pretty much depend upon those animals ‘breeding true’.  We try to keep our surprises to a minimum!

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Thank you for your interest in Kensington Tibetan Terriers and my breeding program.