Applications are now CLOSED until 2023

27 July 2021, 7pm EST

WB in Colorado with Alpha. Looking forward to visiting Claire Coppola again in CO, one of these days.

Hello and welcome!

I hate to write this but I must:

Please do not contact us, unless you seek a Kensington Tibetan Terrier puppy in 2023 or further out into the future than that.

We are holding applications with deposits from folks who already have at least one of our Kensington Tibetans or who have been waiting for at least six months and are UNABLE to consider new applicants.  I am not willing to expand my breeding program to meet today’s demand, if it means that I sacrifice the wonderful methods I’ve developed and their ultimate behavioural results.  Thank you for your interest in the Tibetan Terrier breed.  I am very sorry that I cannot help you.

Yogi and Annabel. Enjoying summertime together on the courtyard porch. Maple Street; July 2018.

For those of you who have already submitted applications and have visited us here in Stowe, we are looking forward to our next three Kensington breedings and they are all expected to happen sometime in the next four months.

I’m very excited about International Multiple CH Bacardi of Darkness x CH Kensington’s Xtremely Yvette.  The frozen semen from Bacardi was a gift from Mrs. Susan Carr who co-owns this gorgeous jet black & white international champ with Mrs. Pat Tempest.  Bacardi is alive & well and living in Great Britain at the ripe old age of 13.

Remember Vidal Sassoon? Total Pipes with Holly, her daughter. 17 Feb 2021.

Julius x Piper is also a very exciting breeding, as both animals are brindle.  On the other side of the pond, their coat colors would be called ‘sable’ – not to be confused with the brindle coat pattern.  Julius recently earned his first AKC title and is now CH Enchanter Kristof Erbosedition.  Pipes is also an AKC Conformation CH and out of this litter, I will be keeping a puppy.

And Beckham, out of a Shadeacre breeding by Markus Gisslen in Sweden, will be bred with GRCH Kensington’s Pic, Pic, Piccolo!  Yvette is out of Beckham x Ziva.  Piccolo and Yvette share Ziva as their dam; they’re half sisters.  Yvette is my jet black ‘little red Corvette’.  She’s 14″ at the withers, an absolute speed demon in the courtyard and LOVES setting up her own obstacle course for self entertainment.  Then, she runs it at warp speed, spraying the gardens with river stones from the fenced in courtyard.  It will be absolutely fascinating to see what Beckham x Piccolo produces, as I’ll be comparing this breeding with the breeding to Piccolo’s mother that produced Yvette.

Three puppies from two different litters meeting their forever peeps. Lexington, MA. 30 Nov 2018.

Kensington Tibetan Terrier puppies are currently reserved by applications with deposits until well into 2022 – but there’s always a chance that a puppy might become available sooner.  So, if you’ve come to this web site in search of a puppy?  You’ll need to get clear on whether you’re willing to wait for a Kensington TT puppy.  Everyone has to wait for a Kensington Tibetan Terrier.  You are welcome to email us at or telephone to share your story.  Know that we prefer to breed & raise our puppies for people already in the breed – but if not?  That’s okay and we understand people who want to switch breeds.  We do, however, require previous dog experience and do not offer our puppies to first time dog owners.

Kensington’s handler Rebecca Bradley with GRCHS Kensington’s Questa o Quella?. In the ring at Westminster, 11 February 2019.  Will be competing in the ring again at Westminster 2021 in June.

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If you have a question or want to introduce yourself to other Kensington peeps?  Please ask to join our private group page on Facebook: Wagging Tales at Kensington.  There, you will have the opportunity to meet some new Kensington friends and share a story or two.  As a private page, I review each request to join the group.  There are several questions you’ll need to answer.  This is a forum for peeps waiting for or who already have Kensington Tibetan Terriers.  It’s a terrific place to ask questions, share veterinary references, training experiences and set up play dates.  I do use geographical information when deciding with whom and where to place a puppy, as it has proven valuable to have littermates living nearby for play dates.

Two month old Campari in the courtyard garden. Last year, the Turk’s Cap lilies started blooming 8 August 2020.

If you’re interested in a Kensington Tibetan Terrier puppy?  Applications are closed for 2021 but remain open for 2022.

Our application process requires at least one visit to our home here in Stowe, Vermont, so that we can get to know you a little better and you can get to know us – AND a completed application returned by snail mail. There is HUGE VARIETY in the style and quality of care each breeder utilizes in the breeding and rearing of their puppies. You will want to find the best fit for your family; someone who will be there to support you over the years, if you need guidance or a second opinion. Visits help us all to get clear on whether we want to work together in the breeding and rearing of your next family member. Because frankly? I might not be the breeder for you.

Magnolia with the family’s application for a Kensington Tibetan Terrier puppy in 2020. Actually turned into an application for retiring brood bitch Koko.

Traditionally, I use repeat breedings to ensure that I know what will be produced in our litters and to work toward consistency in what I produce. If I breed a pair of animals two or three times and the offspring are all similar? I know that I can pretty much depend upon those animals ‘breeding true’. We try to keep our surprises to a minimum! Then, when it’s time for an outcross? I can better evaluate what I get and why.  There were differences in the two litters sired by Julius and clearly, they came as a result of the differences in the dams.  I study these differences, similarities and make notes for future review.  My spreadsheets offer comparisons and analyses of all litters to date, with deviations noted from cumulative averages and specific details for each sire, dam and puppy.

What we do for our doggies. Littermates enjoying the beach at the Cape. 2021.

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Thank you for your interest in Kensington Tibetan Terriers and my breeding program.  We’ve been in the breed since 1992 and take genetics, pedigrees and temperament very seriously.  I hand raise every puppy and breed for brains, beauty & sweetness of temperament.  Mature sizes vary, coat colors vary but husbandry practices, cleanliness & health do not.  Welcome to my world.  ;>)