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16 June 2019, 5pm EST

A clean sweep for the boy! Best of Breed and NS Group 4s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Well done, Questa!

Becky and Questa have totally pulled it off in South Hamilton, Massachusetts.  A clean sweep of Best of Breed and Non Sporting Group 4 placings on all three days of the June Strawberry Classic.  Thank you, Rebecca Bradley!

And here at home in Stowe?  Oskar & Billie’s  puppies are gaining as much as two ounces daily.  My girl, Campari?  She’s a tank at 27 1/4 ounces this morning.  It is Day Ten.  Good God, she’s robust!

We got three gorgeous puppies out of Oskar x Billie on June 6th, thanks to a planned C-section by Dr. Cindy Pratt at Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services in Hyde Park, VT.  As has happened twice in the past, Billie showed no signs of first stage labor.  So, I opted to bring her over for a progesterone blood draw at 4pm, as I needed peace of mind regarding timing and what might have happened during the overnight hours of Day 60.

We caught her progesterone at a very low level and she was whisked into the operating room toute de suite.  We lost three of the puppies, as they’d been in the birth canal for some time – but Dr. Cindy delivered three gorgeous healthy puppies, all weighing 8-10 ounces.  We are so fortunate to have the wonders of modern veterinary medicine within a twenty minute drive.

Do you think he misses me as much as I miss him? Questa and WB. May 2019.

Our boy Questa continues to do well in the ring.  He and Rebecca Bradley are a great team.  We are very lucky to have her!  Under Becky’s lead, Questa has earned an Award of Merit at Westminster in February 2019, another Award of Merit at our TTCA National Specialty on May 30th and seven Group placings, since the beginning of the year.  I believe he has won Best of Breed twelve times, too.  Results are now posted through 31 May 2019 on Canine Chronicle and Questa is tied with one other TT for Position #19.

TTCA 2019 National Specialty. Award of Merit for Questa, handled by Rebecca Bradley. Very exciting! May 2019.

Questa had his first semen collection and evaluation on June 1st.  Doc Truesdale had his mobile semen collection bank in Wrentham and we had a 1:40pm appointment that day.  Our boy shot 780 million swimmers with only 6% abnormalities – so, I chose to have his semen frozen.  He is 16 months old and this is now our baseline.  We are protected, in case of any future mishap.  More importantly?  His next collection in August can either be used in a TCI after evaluation, or frozen, again.  I hope never again to experience the tragedy of a gorgeous Kensington Grand Champion becoming sterile, without having any frozen semen in storage.  When Oliver contracted symptomatic Lyme Disease in 2013 at the mature age of three, the fever nuked his little gonads and his count dropped to 140 million per ejaculation with very high abnormalities.  A very sad day for me and also, for Nina Wagner, as she used him in a Valentine’s Day surgical breeding with Kodi – and we got zip.  However, the future is bright with puppies in the whelping box now and anticipated breedings, come August.

This is how you safely introduce animals, a perfect example! Bianca and the cat.  18 May 2019.

Our quarantine continues for three more weeks at Maple Street, while Billie cares for her new babies.  She is on a Royal Canin lactation kibble for the next six weeks.  It will be a quiet beginning to the summer season, here at Maple Street.

Come summertime?  We will have Charlie (Shadeacre Epic Moment) with us for the month of August and Beckham (Shadeacre Fast Love at Kensington) in the wings and poised for adventure, when Piccolo, Ziva and Koko come into season in August/September.  We might get lucky and get a sable/brindle female out of one of those three outcrossed breedings and that would be a PERFECT female to breed back to red Leo – or to his father, Oskar, for that matter.  Breeding strictly for color is a questionable breeding strategy, unless you take other factors into consideration including how closely related are the sire and dam.

Leo, ne Rocky. Seven months old and stunning. 10 April 2019.

Traditionally, I use repeat breedings to ensure that I know what will be produced in our litters and to work toward consistency in what I produce.  If I breed a pair of animals two or three times and the offspring are all similar?  I know that I can pretty much depend upon those animals ‘breeding true’.  We try to keep our surprises to a minimum!

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